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About Mahashunya

(Qualified Engineer, Contemporary Mystic and a Spiritual Master)

After coming to a series of inner transformation and self realization in the year 2009, he started speaking on various aspects of spirituality including Meditation, Yoga, Religion, Truth, Enlightenment Brahma-Naad, Karma, Love, Silence, Ego etc. by his own cognition and realization. He brings the possibility of Self-realization into here and now. His communication is very simple, direct and immediate. He does not promote any particular Creed, Ideology, Religion,Race and Scripture but unfold the full potential of a human being and transmits inner Love, Compassion, Peace, Blissfulness, Happiness, Freedom and Art of Living and Dying.

He welcomes people irrespective of their Sex, Age, Casts, Creed and Religions who are interested and thirsty to know the truth and helping in awakening people in their true and eternal nature and is always ready to travel a long and give the time even to a single person who is very keenly interested and thirsty. Mahashunya’s worldly name is ‘Mahesh Agrawal’ and he born in 1966 in a middle class Agrawal family in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India and qualified his Engineering Degree in 1989.

From his childhood he was an independent spirit and he had an undying learning attitude for searching the truth for himself rather than acquiring the knowledge and belief systems from others.

He went into ‘Maun Sadhana’ two times for seven days in a room locked from outside. He had a big thirst of enlightenment which leads him to meet various spiritual masters from each of them he learned a lot but could not achieve the ultimate goal i.e. Enlightenment.

He finally enlightened only after getting rid of clinging s of all the Masters, Scriptures, Ideologies, Doctrines, Religions and Superstitions. He resigned from the engineering job in Dec’ 2012 and decided to give full attention to his role as ‘Spiritual Master’ provoking others to keep the body and mind healthy and to seek the truth and helping them to be enlightened in this life itself.

He is presently guiding through Discourses, Meditation Techniques taking Camps at various places of India free of cost.

He developed his own simple, easy, natural and spontaneous powerful ‘Mahashunya Prem Yoga’ (It help to grow Physically, Mentally and Spiritually) and Various Meditation Techniques.

Mahashunya also provides Diksha (Initiation) free of charge for those who are really interested to receive specific guidance by meditation camps, personal meetings, on Skype, on phone, on email, on face book in which special attention is being given to the disciples present situation, observing their progress and guiding all the necessary techniques suits to enhance the progress of the disciples on the path of ultimate goal i.e. Self-realization.

He says ”Everybody can be awakened, enlightened while living with your family and doing job / business, no need to run away” and he always insist people to “Love, Laugh, Dance and Enjoy Life on its totality” and called it a real Religion.

His message to the society is that “First give priority to know yourself and then only you will be able to know the real Art of Living in the world with lot of Celebrations, Happiness, Freedom, and Enjoyment of each and every moment totally.” He always insists on “Think over, Search and Know but Never Believe only.”

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